Rittiman San Antonio, TX 14,000 SF $1,500,000 Active
Tri-County Industrial San Antonio, TX 20,000 SF $1,300,000 Completed/Sold
Carlos Balboa Ontario, CA 91,801 SF $5,054,000 Completed
Carroll Mesa Industrial Business Park San Diego, Ca 81,000 SF $6,850,000 Completed
Chino Gateway Chino, CA 104,027 SF $4,800,000 Completed
Con-Way Western Express (CWX) Irvine, Ca 12,000 SF $2,750,000 Completed
Consolidated Freightways Otay Mesa, CA 11,450 SF $2,500,000 Completed
Consolidated Freightways Perris, CA 4,850 SF $1,150,000 Completed
Emery Worldwide Portland, OR 35,000 SF $2,600,000 Completed
Enterprise Industrial Hayward, CA 144,000 SF $5,400,000 Completed
Federal Express Albuquerque, NM 104,300 SF $6,800,000 Completed
Hisco Poway, CA 22,500 SF $1,320,000 Completed
Jurupa Gateway Ontario, CA 81,622 SF $3,276,000 Completed
Los Arcos Equipment Poway, CA 8,132 SF $700,000 Completed
Plant Equipment Temecula, CA 40,000 SF $2,500,000 Completed
Poway Tech Poway, CA 52,000 SF $3,900,000 Completed
Rainbow Companies Poway, CA 70,000 SF $4,000,000 Completed
Rancho San Clemente Industrial Project San Clemente, CA 46,000 SF $3,450,000 Completed
SD Wholesale Electric (Miramar) San Diego, CA 21,000 SF $1,670,000 Completed
D Wholesale Electric (Sorrento Mesa) San Diego, CA 48,000 SF $2,400,000 Completed
Airport West Industrial Hailey, ID 4,800 SF $720,000 Completed
Alton Irvine, CA 121,650 SF $15,600,000 Completed
Enterprise Industrial Hayward, CA 144,000 SF $5,500,000 Completed
Lakeview/Orangethorpe East Anaheim, CA 159,000 SF $13,000,000 Completed
Lampson Garden Grove, CA 100,000 SF $12,800,000 Completed
Orange Industrial Park Orange, CA 140,000 SF $16,000,000 Completed
Poinsettia Ridge Vista, CA 180,000 SF $17,000,000 Completed
Riverview Business Center Arcadia, CA 186,755 SF $14,800,000 Completed
Gold Transportation Poway, CA 20,900 SF $1,320,000 Completed
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