DWO’s business is to seek opportunities in all aspects of real estate, from retail, commercial, multi-family, medical and preschools. 

Our company has had the unique ability and opportunity to successfully transition and redefine our company model during challenging economic times.   The company has been highly competitive and successful in acquiring single family homes.  Through the purchase of homes at auction, we were able to employ multiple trades to refurbish the homes and then sell at competitive prices.

Currently the focus is on acquiring REO’s or notes from banks on multi-family assets in the west and mid-west.  These properties are refurbished, leased up to market rates and then sold or held in a portfolio. 

We are a multi faceted company with talented staff and community partners that allow us to be successful in many
aspects of the real estate business.  We appreciate all of our diverse and dedicated colleagues that have assisted in
our success and we look forward to continuing these relationships in the future.


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